Ore wa Tsuma Killer ~Tsuma 5nin, Musume 5nin, Oyakodon Okawari!~
/ 俺はツマキラー ~妻5人、娘5人、親娘丼おかわりっ!~
Format : DVD    
Game Size : 2250 MB    
Released: 2011/11/18    

Synopsis and Installation Instructions: The Ai woman who does by the decision of the marriage is to me. It is kind and it is good-natured, Girlfriend of older me LOVE... After, How huge the breasts is! Being possible to come is important. And it becomes loved dearly me, Daughter of pride. Whether a bad insect attaches or not?, It worries about father a little. It goes well also work. To live by three people, The apartment house was finally bought the other day. If you think that the purpose is to support the ones beloved family, The question that can try the best work. Smooth sailing, A happy, full newly-married life starts.

1. Extract The Game.
2. Mount the MDS or ISO file using Daemon Tools
3. Run setup.exe To install the game.
4. Play the game ;)

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