General -

What site is www.hentaicastle.net?

We are famous for our vast collection of hentai movies, manga and games.We are one of the best (if not the best) Hentai Site on the Net! Many other sites out there show you a tour with some pictures but the actual content are very little. On our site, what you see are what you will getting.

Tell me more about Hentai Castle!
Our site is updated constantly with the newest hentai movies. We are long-time fans of hentai for many years and we know what fans and you guys are looking for. Therefore, we're providing you with one of the largest and hottest hentai movies collection.

Are the movies on your site actual full length movies or just clips?
All the movies that we have are actual full length movies and near dvd quality. The size for each movie is averagely 200 to 350 MB depends on the length of each movie.
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Membership -

How much does it cost to sign up with hentaicastle.net?
The cost is only $29,95 (US Dollar) That's hundreds of quality hentai/anime movies, hmangas, games, pictures and more for a mere 99 cents a day! You may cancel your registration by visiting ccbill support page.

What do I get when I sign up with hentaicastle.net?
As a member, you will have full and unlimited access to all the contents of hentaicastle.net. Furthermore, you will also be able to access our network sites on the Hentai Key Network. That's 700+ websites of high quality hentai/anime content, all accessible with a single ID with no extra charge!

You keep mentioning "Hentai Key", What is it?
Hentai Key is the network that hentaicastle.net is running on. They take care of the technical issues, look after the servers and make sure that everything running and secured. Hentai Key also runs an Adult Verification System, so that no minors can access our content. Furthermore, they also maintain a lot of high-class websites on the network which allows you to visit hundreds of websites with just one ID!

Are there any hidden costs?
Other adult sites out there charge you $29.95 for a membership that allows you to access only one site! Not us, our cost is just $29.95 and gives you access all the sites on the network without any additional charges.

How much can I download ?
You can download day and night and even while you sleep. Download managers are OK! There is NO download limit on the Hentai Key network. You can download as much as you want with NO additional charges.

What are the download speeds?
Download speeds can vary depends you your internet connection. Users experience download speed ranging from 60KB to 850KB per second (cable modems) and 3KB to 5KB for 56k users. Click here for instant access!

Technical -

What are AVI, OGM, WMV and MKV files?

These are containers for all the movies people use to encode with. They act as a wrapper for a compressed movies. Even though the movies are compressed, they are almost dvd-quality.

How can I view these movies?

All movies can be viewed with common movie players, such as RealPlayer or the Windows Media Player. Some movies might need extra plugins. We recommend that you Download Codec Packs to play all Video Files. If you have further questions, please contact one of our representatives at hentaicastle@gmail.com and they will point you in the right direction.

How can I view Mangas and CGs files?

There are many ways you can view mangas and CGs. You can uncompress the files by using zipping tools like Winrar to a your desired directory on your PC, and then view them using any image viewing/editing tools. Or you can use CDisplay to view the downloaded files without uncompressing them.

How do I install H-Games with image files like .cue, .bin or .iso?

Uncompress the downloaded games using Winrar/Winzip or any zipping tools that can. The best way is to use Daemon Tools to mount the image file as a Virtual Drive and install the game(s) to your PC. Or use a CD burning tool and burn the image to a disk then install the game afterward.

What is download manager and where can I get one?
A download manager is a software that helps you automate the task of downloading files. That is very useful if, for example, you want to download 100 movies while go away for a weekend. We recommend one of these download managers - Getright, FlashGet or Go!zilla.

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