Why Should I Partner with Hentai Castle and Promote it?

  • We are clearly a high quality hentai Site.

  • We offer our members exclusive content not found anywhere else.

  • Hentai Castle is one of the top quality and most popular sites on the HentaiKey Network.

  • We are also a top quality and one of the most popular hentai sites in the whole net.

  • We update Hentai Castle constantly.

  • We have excellent reputation between our members.

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  • We are a fast growing site.

  • We are proud of our contents, we have so much confidence that we dont hide our whole contents or updates!

  • We don't lie, members get exactly what they see in the preview.

  • HentaiKey is the only and real Hentai Network in existence.

  • We have high retention rate, members stay months with us and ultimately they return sooner or later.

  • We pay you both signups and rebills.

  • Members get access to the entire network not only this site.

  • Promoting a high quality site  means more money to you.

What benefits do I get if I partner with Hentai Castle?

  • You can earn easy money just from advertising us.

  • You don't need to bother with updates, content, etc, just promote us and we will take care of maintaining our quality policy which means more money to you.

  • So you have tons of traffic? Then why not make it into money?...

  • By affiliating with a Quality Hentai Site you can be sure people will register with us.

How much will I get paid?

We offer you a fair deal, USD $10.00 per Signup and USD $8 per Rebill; you'll earn money based on the Hentai Site you are going to promote so think carefully about who you choose, some extra bucks in some pretty normal an below average site wont give you the benefits Saishuu.com will in the long yet pretty short run.

Conversion rate/member if you partner with Hentai Castle:

Hentai Castle
1 member= $10
1 member= $15
Rebill x 3 months= 3 x 8=24
Total= $34 per referred member
Total= $15 per referred member


How do I get paid?

HentaiKey will pay you directly, and you have quite some options to get your money: Paypal, Wire Transfer, Check and Western Union, as you can see quite a range of options for you to choose.

Great. so what do I really need to do?

Just send us quality traffic, traffic that will become potential members and that will convert to money for both you and us. You can promote us as you desire, placing a simple text link, creating a banner, whatever you desire just don't something illegal please like spam, unwanted e-mail, cp, bestiality etc.

Fantastic, let me affiliate to Hentai Castle right away.

Wise choice, all you need to do is fill out the form below, soon after you submit your information you will get an email with all the details to get started right away. USA residents don't forget to submit you tax ID, if you are not from the USA then just leave it blank.

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