Movie Codecs -

Most movies on this site need some kind of codec in order to view them. Also make sure your videos are completely downloaded. Incomplete videos aren't viewable. Below are links to websites where you can download the required codecs.

Download Codec Packs to play all Video Files

Movies with .avi and .mkv extension mostly need this codec installed.
Movies with .wmv extension needs to installed the latest Windows Media Player.
Movies with .mkv extension needs to installed the latest matroska pack to play the videos. Codec Packs should be able to play all .mkv files.
Viewing Mangas and GCs -

You can unzip/unrar all the files to your local folders by using Winzip/Winrar or other zipping tools, then view the images by using image viewing/editing tools.

Or you can use CDisplay  or similar tools to view Mangas/CGs files directly without unzipping the files.

H-Games with image files like .cue, .bin or .iso -

Uncompress the downloaded games using Winrar/Winzip or any zipping tools that can.

The best way is to use Daemon Tools to mount the image file as a Virtual Drive and install the game(s) to your PC. Or use a CD burning tool and burn the image to a disk then install the game afterward.

Download Managers -
Below are some useful tools to resume interrupted downloads.
General Problems -

If you have problems with video files, display contents, suggestions or questions about the website please Contact Us.

If you you have issues  with one of the following problems below:

  Problem with your membership ID
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Problem with slow download speed

Please go to Hentai Key Support.